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Home Computing Weekly

Home Accounts
By Diamondsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

Home Accounts loaded easily, but I had to come back four times and spend three and a half hours before I began to understand it.

A program of this type needs a very comprehensive instruction sheet and, if possible, a demonstration program. Home Accounts has neither.

It was difficult to obtain feedback about the information I was feeding into the program, and this did not give me any confidence that it would be processed correctly.

It would be a long time before I would trust this program, or myself, enough to rely upon it to look after my accounts.

The whole essence of computer utilities is to increase speed and accuracy, but with a four minute loading time and difficulty in checking entries, one would only use this program as an intellectual exercise.

However, it is clever in that it can manipulate any type of entry you could want, including paid and unpaid bills, regular payments and payment of unpaid bills.

It will also display updated reports on balance, transactions, bills waiting payment, etc. All data can be saved, loaded and updated.

But the instructions and program could do to be much more user-friendly.


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