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Hollywood Or Bust
By Mastertronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #26

Hollywood Or Bust

Cameras. Action. Roll 'em! It's movie madness on and off the set and its stars you, as Buster Baloney, in a budget musical production.

Well, that's what the inlay card says. What the actual game is all about is another matter.

It is set in a 1920s movie studio. You play Buster, who is in search for five 'Oscars' hidden around the studio. Ghosts and security guards try to stop him, while his only weapons are custard pies!

The game is a room-to-room indoor maze chase with each room scrolling by and with one or more enemy mobies in each. Flinging a pie at an enemy will distract it - well, it would anyone! Every room has an exit of some sort, usually one which leads to the street. Outside the studio, a Keystone Cops style chase is in continual progress. Out here you make your way to a custard pie dispenser to get more ammo.

In this outside sequence you have to dodge through moving barriers in a 'Frogger'-like manner, while inside the game is completely different. More than half the screen is taken up with functionless decorative graphics and the small area that is left has graphics that are so big there is little room for anything else.

The idea behind this game is good but this is not a very good game and a budget price justifies little these days. It seems even Mastertronic can come up with lemons occasionally.