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HMS Home Accounts
By Harris Mccutcheon Systems
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Available only for disc-based BBC B micros, the disc supplied my be 40- or 80-track and comes with a user manual. The press release accompanying the well-packaged product says it's the best home accounting system for the BBC B. Well, how did it live up to this ambitious claim?

First, let's look at the user manual. Its style is, to say the least, difficult to follow. It may be straightforward to a qualified accountant, but not to a mere computer user. It runs through more jargon than any computer manual, with six box cycles, four box cycles, debtor account codes, cleardowns etc...

It would be better to rewrite it - or arrange a short training course. On running the program I found the system difficult to follow and overly complex for a simple task.

The package may be the answer for the small businessman, though he would need to be a blend of accountant and computer enthusiast. The package is also over-priced. I realise professional software costs much more, but this is the home market after all.


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