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History Mystery
By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #18

Clever Clogs: History Mystery

The aim of the five games in this package is to teach children about the Bible in an entertaining way by giving them the task of finding various Biblical treasures, such as Moses' basket, the Ten Commandments and Herod's Crown. A clue (a Bible reference) is given for each treasure. The first game, Easypeasia, involves only seven of the treasures and is intended to familiarise the player with the controls. After this, the games become progressively more difficult, building up to the final challenge, Plunderthunder, where the player has to race the evil Dr Plunderwerst to the treasures avoiding a variety of dangers on the way.

The player is referred to the Today's English Version of the Bible, although a short summary of the Bible stories which occur in the game is supplied with the cassette.

A teacher of Religious Education, who looked at the program for me, had some reservations about its use. He felt that the maps were a useful way of reinforcing the geography of the areas involved, though the inclusion of a world map would have been helpful for the child to see the position of the biblical lands in relation to his won country. He also thought that the game encouraged children to interpret the Bible literally, instead of increasing the awareness that it contains not only history but also myth, legend and parable. Nor does it consider the fact that the real function of Bible study is to help people learn more about themselves and the modern world they live in. The Good News Bible would probably have been a more suit able source of reference that the Today's English version.


Control keys: Move by using the arrow keys; L to see list of treasures, C for clues, D to find out if you have landed on a treasure
Keyboard play: Responsive
Use of colour: Good
Graphics: Mainly maps, but quite good
General Rating: With a fair amount of adult direction, this program could be useful, though I doubt if it is the kind of game a child would choose for himself

Rosetta McLeod

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