The Micro User

High Rise Horror
By Virgin Games
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 3.12

Be a ghost hunter

In High-Rise Horror from Rabbit Software now marketed by Virgin Games, you take the part of Vladimir the Ghost Hunter.

The story is that Count Dracula has set up residence in a block of flats filled with an assortment of unpleasant things including ghosties, bloodsucking bats, eyeballs and shocking spiders.

The Residents' Association has hired you to eliminate the morbid inhabitants using your supply of balloons, which makes a change from the usual blast-o-matic zap gun.

High Rise Horror

If anything collides with a balloon the critter dies and you get points depending on what was killed and when.

Although you have a limitless supply of balloons you can only have one in the air at once. They take a little time to blow up, so there's quite a bit of skill in judging when to blow.

The opening screen consists of several stripes with gaps in them and you must walkthrough the aisles in between to reach the exit.

High Rise Horror

The next screen is virtually identical except for meaner opponents.

You must progress through the screens until you reach Dracula. Unfortunately, I've not done this and am not fired with enthusiasm to do so.

The game has some nice touches, such as the fancy lettering used throughout, as well as joystick compatibility.

High Rise Horror

Presentation is fair with all the characters moving smoothly but with little animation.

The instructions are adequate and include a screen photo.

Sound is implemented well with single note tunes accompanying the strings of bangs and crashes as you play.

High Rise Horror

However one particular niggle is the long wait between lives, which spoils the continuity.

The game is nice and fast requiring good responses, but it still isn't challenging enough to the player who's used to the cartoon graphics, three dimensions and multi-track sound available today.

It's a nicely finished game with a simple theme requiring quick reflexes.

Phil Tudor

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