High Noon
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #36

High Noon

This game looks certain to be one of the best sellers in the Commodore market this year. It was written by the author of International Soccer and you play the part of a trigger-happy sheriff.

The game starts by playing the theme music from the original High Noon film and I've never heard anything as good on a micro as this opening tune. There are nine skill levels and you can select which one you want with the joystick at the start of the game.

The scene opens. You, as the sheriff, walk out of the jail only to face a street of chaos. The bank is being robbed and women are being led out from the saloon. Only Rig & Mortis, the undertakers, are happy. As someone gets shot, the undertaker comes out of his shop and drags away the body. Rather sick, really, but the graphics are great!

High Noon

In fact, the whole game's excellent. On the harder sheets, there are riders on horses. As they gallop across the screen, a shot with your pistol will send them hurtling to the ground.

The finishing touches really make this game. The two-door saloon is beautifully drawn - and I don't mean that it looks like a Mini Metro! The doors actually swing a few times as someone goes in or out.

On harder levels, the other people in the street fire much faster than normal, so you'll need quite a few hours of practice to beat them. But it's well worth the effort. All in all, one of the best games for the C64. If we had a category for sound effects, I'd certainly give it ten.