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Home Computing Weekly

Herbert's Dummy Run
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #118

Herbert's at it again - making a nuisance of himself as in 'Everyone's a Wally'. Now he's a nappy clad, walking toddler wandering off while shopping with Wally. and Wilma in a department store.

The tune 'Babyface' signals that LOADing's been achieved, offering options of Sinclair Kempston joysticks or keyboard. The game starts with Herbert in the Toy Department needing reuniting with his parents in the Lost and Found department before the store closes at 5.30p.m.

As one would expect from Mikro-Gen, the game is wellplanned and designed with superbly drawn and coloured screens. The animation is smooth and new screens appear when Herbert moves through doors - or takes a short cut to eight of the many rooms via a lift with four coloured keys that make a face smile when hit.

The screen top has a large teardrop, which fills when Herbert is hit by any of the various attacking inhabitants of the store; three small teardrops showing lives left; time - starting at one o'clock - and two items collected, starting with a chocolate ten pence and tennis raquet.

When Herbert loses a life the large teardrop empties itself by causing a cloud to rain on him! - just one refmement that puts Mikro-Gen consistently out in front. After using all three lives you are told that Mummy and Daddy are still in the 'lost and found' with a number of jelly babies and the time until Herbert survived.

Must leave now - haven't found 'lost and found' yet.