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Home Computing Weekly

Hell's Temple
By Kenema Associates
Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

The immortal ones of Satan and those brave enough to enter Hell's Temple collide in this intriguing adventure game, in which more than 75 monsters await your foolishness in trying to find riches beyond dreams.

The monsters you will encounter include a manticore, minotaur, Erinye's Devil, Vrock Demond and a jaculi; you may also find yourself dropping down deep pits, perhaps into acid pools, which drastically reduces your strength.

Unfortunately, because of the large number of monsters in the adventure, they are not illustrated in what are part-text, part-graphics screen displays.

The top half of the screen represents an area you are facing, and underneath are detailed your strength, spells, gold and floor levels in a constantly updated grid

Decisions on whether to enter a room or enter combat with a monster are I for in, L for leave, H for help in discovering the strength of opponents and D for detecting what is in a room through the use of your spells.

The combat routine is C for combat, S for spell, B for bribe and R for retreat (if you are lucky!), with all these stages being clearly marked on the screen.