Hellfire (Melbourne House) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19


This is the game I have been waiting for. I have not had so much excitement in all my life. A wonderful game. Steady on, you might day, have you got shares in Melbourne House? Isn't this going a bit heavy and before the game has been properly reviewed?

Perhaps, yes, but Hellfire is a game that requires skill, concentration and nimble fingers and is the same as a 30 year old finding out what it is like to play Space Invaders for the first time. There are three tasks that have been set upon you by the gods, and you must complete all three to show your worthiness.

My first task is the easiest, but requires a lot of initial thought. Once done, it appears to be quite easy. I suggest, switch off the computer, have a five minute break, and try again. It is still frustratingly difficult to... To what? The idea is to climb the ledges and arrive at the cave entrance. You jump from ledge to ledge, avoiding the falling boulders, but one slip could quite easily see a life lost.

Having completed the first task and given yourself a pat on the back, task two immediately arrives. You are in a sacred temple inside the mountain that you have just entered. Minotaurs are on guard and the idea is to reach the top right pillar to get to the next level. The fun comes when running from pillar to pillar as you are transported to another part of the temple and you have to crack the right combination to reach the exit. An added bonus was the springboard, which you can use to reach different levels.

The third and final task is to find your way through the maze and locate the exit. Your mace will kill any attacking monsters and break down the exit. The graphics in this game are faultless and so is the game.