Home Computing Weekly

Haunted Abbey
By A 'n F
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

Being a little slow, and decidedly unsuccessful in adventures, I was not looking forward to attempting this one.

After reading the small list of instructions, my immediate thoughts were "Instructions? Sounds more like threats to me!"

Haunted Abbey is a purely text adventure in which your objective is to find Phibe's Book of Incantations, and pick up a few treasures to boost the score.

Haunted Abbey

When you are playing this game remember the three golden rules for adventures, don't rush, don't die. and don't think that because you have a sharp sword you can kill just about any type of monster your Beeb can manage to contrive, because you can't.

After about two hours of disobeying the rules I managed to enter the Abbey. Once you are inside the creepy building the fun begins, and there are numerous locations, red herrings and puzzles.

If you are not a born adventurer either, but feel that with a bit of practice you can get somewhere, then I would say this is your first rung on a very long ladder to the top.


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