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Harvey Headbanger
By Firebird
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 3.04

This game has one of the most original storylines I have ever come across. Harvey Headbanger and his great rival Hamish Highball are both very aggressive characters. They continuously scrap just for the fun of it and using their only weapons - a large belly and a strong head - they try to bounce each other as far away as they can.

Well, now let me explain the game. This is a two player game in which each player controls a very fat character. When you bump into your rival, you will both be temporarily blacked out and, during this time, you will both suffer a severe headache and move erractically. Of course, at the beginning, both will suffer equally piercing migraines but you can effectively numb the pain by taking liquid refreshments which appear when you perform a certain manoeuvre.

So that you can tell how well you are doing, there is a spiral straw which fills up with liquid to indicate the amount of refreshment consumed. You win the game when you force your opponent to consume your drink!

This all sounds ridiculously silly and it is. However, the graphics are very well done and animation is also first class. More effort could have been put into the music but the game itself is very addictive. There is however, one very large bug in this program. If you try to have a second game, the program crashes!! Also, it is a shame that you cannot play against the computer. But then, considering it is free, I cannot complain.

Shingo Sugiura