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By Micro Aid
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

This is an educational game of hangman written to include a total vocabulary of 913 words. It uses the teletext graphics of Mode 7 to allow the inclusion of more words, and the vocabulary is comprised of the following:

English Antonyms (148 words), English Synonyms (152 words), French (150 words), German (145 Words), Italian (149 words), Spanish (169 words).

Antonyms are opposites, and synonyms are words that mean virtually the same. These refer to the clues, which I will cover later on.

When the game is first run, a title page is displayed, and a menu of languages is shown, and the computer waits for the user to make his/her selection for language. Then the computer asks the user whether they wish to play a hard or easy game. In an easy game, the computer selects the word, and prints out a number of dashes to indicate the number of letters in the word. This is the same for all languages. Then the screen is cleared, and depending on whether you have chosen an easy or a hard game, you may be given the dashes to represent the letters at the bottom of the screen. Then the computer tells you to "Press Y" if you want a clue. The clues that the computer gives depend on the language you have chosen. If the language is English, you will be given a synonym or antonym of the word the computer has selected. If you have chosen a language other than English, you will be given the English translation of the word that the computer has selected.

In the language options, there is a blank space for you to insert your own words or language. The program is written in Basic, and is quite easily listable, and is packed full of very clear, colourful Mode 7 REM statements that stick out like a sore thumb: ideal for someone who is trying to make his own additions to the program.

This game is excellent for schools who teach languages at all levels, as it provides a fun way of learning a normally quite boring part of the subject: vocabulary. The game itself is clear, easy to use and very colourful, and the clarity of the REM statements in the listing makes it very easy to add to the vocabulary. A highly recommendable program.

Dave Reeder

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