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Handicap Golf
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Handicap Golf

The object of this game is to get everything to go straight down the middle of the fairway and into that little hole on the green. You can play a full 18 holes or a half round of nine.

You start at the first tee and can select any one of fifteen clubs (4 woods, 8 irons, a putter, pitching wedge and sand wedge). You then select the direction you wish to hit the ball in and an animated golfer plays the shot showing you the ball's trajectory. The distance for each club is fixed and wind will only slightly affect length and direction.

Careless strokes can go out of bounds or in a bunker. Once you're on the green, the display switches to an overhead view and you have to determine the direction and strength of putt in the light of the slope of the green. All holes play left to right and par for the course is 70.

Good News

P. Skilful putting is needed.
P. You can easily get under par.

Bad News

N. Not enough unpredictability in the length or direction of shots.
N. Gameplay is slow and repetitive.
N. The 18 holes are very similar.