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Handicap Golf
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

Written in Basic, this is a reasonable golf simulation, and once I had got used to its little eccentricities I found it enjoyable to play.

I had trouble with loading at first, but once the volume had been set correctly the program loaded in about 50 seconds. Clear instructions included with the cassette make up for the lack of instructions or rules in the program itself.

Each hole in the course is displayed separately, using low resolution graphics to show the fairway with randomly placed trees and other obstacles. The programmer has gone overboard, so to speak, on the lakes, which appear on every fairway, and it is sometimes difficult to see the fairway for the trees.

Either one or two people can take part, but if two are playing, handicaps for both must be entered. To play each shot you have to enter direction (by using a clock face format from zero to 12), and then strength (0-250).

Great care must be taken to enter these numbers correctly - one false move and the screen scrolls, and the whole program has to be re-run.