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Halls Of The Things
By Crystal Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The inlay card states " ... the finest quality arcade style action yet seen on the ZX Spectrum", but the screen tells a different story.

Whoever wrote the blurb on the inlay card obviously hasn't seen many of the arcade style games that are on the market for the Spectrum these days.

Although the figure on the screen does move smoothly under your control, it moves a little too fast at times for comfort - a simple delay loop in the program would work wonders.

Set inside an eight storey tower block, there are many rooms and passages to search for the screen rings that you need to complete your task.

I never did find any rings, but there are plenty of bottles and what look like those triangles of red balls used in a snooker game.

You have a bow and arrows, and some magic at your disposal. I'm not sure what a vorpal sword is, or that it should even be allowed, but nevertheless, you have one.

The game is also described as "...a new dimension in computing games... the animated adventure". That's as maybe, but there is nothing in this game that makes for compulsive playing.


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