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Home Computing Weekly

Guy In The Hat/Secret Sam 2
By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

First of all, I love the idea - two games on one cassette - fantastic. Wait a minute, what are the games? Well, Guy in the Hat is your standard keybasher actually.

Guy wanders across a hexagonal grid, eating biscuits and avoiding the "Bickie Bashers", who remind me of things I used to stick on the top of my school pencil (see Freud). As Guy eats a biscuit the hex changes colour and is impassable. This is also true if he drops his hat, which can be detonated under a nastie. The number of biscuits in Guy's diet increases by level. Graphically this game is alright, but it has little or no lasting appeal and could be quite neatly achieved in BASIC.

The reverse is true of Secret Sam 2, a text only mode 7 adventure, in the private eye world of Secret Sam. Apart from a rather smug command parser, this game has a large number of locations, which I, Conan the Keypusher, failed to reach without cheating. I won't give too much away, but doors can be passed and never take a battery from a strange road.

Both the games on this cassette are fairly average, but remember a few years ago they could have been available separately at £7.95 each, so give them a try and lock up your card again.