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Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #29


The Sheriff glanced at his pocket watch. He tried to gulp, but his mouth was too dry. The time was fast approaching high noon; the sky was blue, the air was dry and the sun was beating down relentlessly on his hat. Phew! Wotta scorcher.

A shot rang out, a bullet whistled past his ear. Another shot, the bullet ricocheted off his little silver badge. The time had come, the 'pesky varmint' gang were in town - but this time they had bitten off more than they could chew, because this is where you join in. Playing (of course), the part of the Sheriff.

You view the action from above and behind, as the screen scrolls down towards you. You're in a wild-west town, treading the dusty street as the 'Hollywood facade' scenery flashes by on either side. Whoops - did I say 'flashes'? Then I must have been fibbing; even 'trickles by' would be an overstatement. Nope, it has to be said, this is a femtoscroller; glacial in stealth and going nowhere in a hurry. It slow by cracky!

Anyway, as the screen scrolls, numerous Cowboys 'leap' (saunter, actually) out of side alleys and also appear from the top of the screen. Shoot them before they shoot you time, but with the added problem that the graphics are so awful that half the time you can't see their bullets. This results, as you might imagine, in an awful lot of dying. Occasionally you will be charged at by a giant cockroach wearing a coy-boy hat. Yes, it's true - that's what it looks like! It throws bombs at you.

All in all, what we have here is one little bit of a lame game I'm afraid, chumkins. Wibbly animation, dodgy sprites, jerky scrolling, camouflaged bullets and a giant cockroach isn't (for my money anyway) worth nine quid, knowworrimean? Anyway, just enough room left for one of my incredibly brilliant jokes:

Q: Why do cowboys ride horses?
A. A coconut.

Capcom coin-op that hasn't made too easy a transition to the Speccy. Matt Dillon wouldn't be impressed.

Duncan MacDonald

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