By A 'n F
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #37


You are a one-man private investigation business known as Gumshoe.

As well as balancing the books, you also have to do your own dirty work. And at the moment, it's pretty dirty.

You are on the trail of a gang of kidnappers, who have taken a young girl. Through a mixture of skill and luck, you have managed to track down the gang to an old disused warehouse. Some fast work and a furious gun battle will decide whether or not the girl will be able to walk free.


The idea is to go round the warehouse, shooting the kidnappers as they appear from around corners and inside doors. Somewhere will be the girl herself, and you must find her and bring her to safety.

Fighting crime costs money though, and you have to keep a careful eye on the bank balance.

Every shot your fire will cost $2 while losing a fight with a kidnapper will cost you a life and $150 in hospital bills.

Killing a baddy though will net you $10 and there's a hefty bonus for rescuing the girl and saving the family the ransom money.

The game is great. Graphics are good and you can even have a fight on the staircase. The sound effects are boring though. The gunshot is realistic but otherwise the machine just bleeps.