Electron User

By Alligata
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 2.07

Be warned - to play Guardian you need keen eyesight, quick fingers and lots of luck because here's a program that's determined to bust your ego. Mine went with a bang.

In possession of a fast moving spaceship you've got to stop the alien landers grabbing humans from the planet surface. If they manage to get back into outer space they mutate into pods, swarmers and baiters and come for you.

There's wave after wave of the nasties and you need every one of your three lives as well as the three smart bombs to survive for any length of time.

The more aliens you get the more you score - sadly they seem to be on the same bonus scheme.

It's a fast moving space game with striking graphics and excellent sound effects. Kids of all ages will love it.

Keith Young

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