Amstrad Action

By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #70


Lance Gryzor. He flies, he spies, he death defies. He is so rock hard and dangerous, that when the Earth is invaded by slimy space fiends, he takes it upon himself to kill them all!

The aliens have picked the most inaccessible jungle territory in which to build their vile lair. Lance has to yomp through several sections of monster infested rain forest before the final confrontation with the big nasty.


Fortunately for Lance, his own people will at regular intervals send in pods containing extra weapons and armour. These include wide shots, laser and extremely rapid fire. You'll need em' too, for at the end of each level you have to make your way through a network of 3D tunnels, packed with grenade lobbing soldiers.


Lance is a fairly athletic sort of chap and can somersault all over the place. As well as the violent shooty action, there are plenty of platform puzzles and these give the game its edge.

Sound And Graphics

The graphics are quite gloriously colourful, the spot effects effective and the game reeks of quality, but it does have one very dreadful flaw... scrolling. It's supposed to, but it doesn't. You reach the end of a screen and another quarter screen flicks on. It sounds confusing, and it is. You are more often than not killed by something you didn't know was there!


Overall 83%
At this price, Gryzor is too good to miss. Brilliant platform shoot-em-up marred by poor scrolling.