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Grange Hill
By Bug Byte
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

Grange Hill

Those shining examples of our British youth (shurely shome mishtake?) have made it into binary and pixels. The game is based on the book "Grange Hill After Hours". You play Gonch, who has to break into the school to retrieve his personal stereo from the staff room. It's an arcade adventure with a nifty window-menu system.

You begin near your home, in the company of Hollo, who can be persuaded to accompany you on your trip. The screens are viewed in 2D and have large, well-animated characters. At the bottom of the screen is a window in which location descriptions, conversations and other menus will appear.

You'll find lots of objects within the game; some useful, some not. You can manipulate these in a number of ways: pick up, drop, examine, use, take and give. There's also an option to talk. You can talk to several characters including Hollo, a pusher and the school caretaker. Getting them to do what you want isn't easy.

As well as the adventure element, there's climbing and jumping around to do. You've got to get the stereo and return home within the time limit. Besides the time limit, other dangers can abruptly end the game. You certainly don't want to go home without the stereo or you'll get an earful from mother.

The adventure element is well thought out. It's a pleasure to use the window-menu system, although having intelligent and productive conversations isn't easy. The graphics are very blue, which becomes rather tedious; a bit more colour would have been appreciated.

Grange Hill is an easy game to get into and a good challenge to complete.

First Day Target Score

Get into the school.

Second Opinion

First glances at this game can be rather misleading: it looks dull, drab and not worth the dough you paid for it. If you haven't been put off at this point, sit down. Have a go. There is much puzzling throughout which is enjoyable.

Grange Hill can be thought of as an adventure game with un-ironed graphics - rough around the edges. Fun... if clue-hunting takes your fancy.

Green Screen View

The transition to green is a happy one.

The Verdict

Graphics 52%
P. Large, well animated characters.
N. Blue, blue and more b****y blue.

Sonics 58%
P. Reasonable version of Grange Hill theme.

Grab Factor 65%
P. Easy window system to use.
N. A dull, uninteresting beginning.

Staying Power 78%
P. Lots of objects to find and use.
N. Tricky puzzles: it's not easy.

Overall 74%
P. Good game of the TV series of the book.

Bob Wade

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