Grandstand (Domark) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Domark
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #77


Grandstand is a distinctly odd package: Pro Tennis Tour clocks up some kind of record with its third appearance in about six months on compilation, while World Class Leaderboard comes back from the grave one more time - despite its budget Multimixx appearance.

Continental Circus has also appeared on budget, while Gazza Super Soccer has been on the Soccer Mania compilation but is so awful a budget appearance has thankfully suffered Lazio-style postponement. Grandstand certainly doesn't break any new ground then, but most of the games are good.

Pro Tennis Tour (82%, Issue 61) is the best conventional-style tennis sim about. At first simply hitting the ball is tough, but there's a good practice option, three skill levels and a comprehensive challenge with all the Grand Slam Tournaments for you to win. If you don't fancy our favourite (the slightly easier, and funnier International 3D Tennis with vector graphics), this is the one to get.

As golf games go, World Class Leaderboard (94%, Issue 27) is probably the pinnacle. The last and best of the Leaderboard series, it includes three real golf courses, a specially designed course for experts, and features such as trees, rivers, lakes, bunkers, rough and green. There's an overhead view, practice options and the graphics are up to the usual high standard. It's a great two-player game and shouldn't be missed.

Continental Circus (74%, Issue 56), by contrast, has rather dated. A month after its release Turbo OutRun appeared, then there was Super Monaco GP, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Turbo Charge. Continental Circus doesn't bear comparison with any of them graphically. However, it looks okay, plays reasonably well and isn't a bad budget purchase.

Gazza Super Soccer isn't bad either - absolute, flippin' rubbish is nearer the mark. This missed out on a Zzap! review first time around because we got it so late. Now we can do it justice. Uniquely, the game has two different perspectives - one for attack, when you see the half the pitch facing the defending goal, then for midfield tussles you have a side-on view. The sprites are dire, their small size make judging tackles tough, the pitch is an odd shape and the flicking between various views confusing. It's a laugh for a couple of goes, but after that it becomes an excellent dust attractor. For the sake of the Zzap! index we'll rate it 29%.


Overall 50%
World Class Leaderboard and Continental Circus are already available on budget and Gazza is awful. Pro Tennis has been on two Ubi Soft compilations already, both featuring the excellent Stunt Car Racer and four weaker titles. Unless you somehow lack Leaderboard, the Ubi Soft compilations offer better value for money.