By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #93

OK, sport lovers, this one's for you. A whole string of sporty stuff for you to master without having to waste loadsa energy getting all yukky and sweaty running round muddy fields. Nick Roberts slips into his sexy shorts (?!) to check out the action...


This was billed as the big Domark compilation for the summer. It's a bit late, but never mind. Stick sand between your toes, a spotlight on your face and get someone to bring you long cool drinks with umbrellas in them and pretend it's summer while you play!

The pack includes four sporty games covering all the favourites. There's Gazza's Super Soccer, complete with hanky for when the tears begin to flow, World Class Leaderboard for the golfing enthusiasts, Pro Tennis Tour with lots of strawberries and cream and Continental Circus for the motoring fans.

Rainy Race

My favourite is definitely Continental Circus, This is still one of the best car racing games I've seen on the Speccy. You race through some of the toughest tracks around, with skilful gear changes and acceleration needed to survive. You have to watch the opposition and keep an eye on the weather, as it actually rains in this! Check it out for one of the best tyre scorchers on your computer.

If oil and burning rubber isn't your cup of tea (it wouldn't taste very nice would it?), perhaps you'd prefer the courts of Wimbledon with Pro Tennis Tour. You're going to need all your skills to beat top seeded players and get though to the big final. Unlike many tennis gamest the graphics in this are large and detailed.

World Class Leaderboard is for the checked trouser brigade and is on hell of a golfing simulation. You can play some of the courses that have challenged golf's greatest players, complete with the correct distances, traps and hazards. The only thing missing is the drink at the golf club bar afterwards!


Last, but by no means least, here comes Gazza! He gets everywhere, doesn't he? His Super Soccer game allows the player to customise the leagues and details. You can either play against the computer or a friend.

A mixed bag of sport games, with only one of them particularly outstanding, but for avid sports fans Grandstand provides value for money, if you haven't got the games already.

NICK ... 60%

Richard ... 61%.

'Here's a sports pack from Domark which, erm, doesn't actually feature any originally Domark-related product! Not that it matters, because get two of the sporting greats of the Speccy: Continental Circus and World Class Leaderboard. The first is a smashing racer taken from the coin-op with all the best features (including the playability) retained: just really fun to play! Any game from the Leaderboard series is great, and World Class tops the lot (but it does seem to feature on a lot of compilation packs). The other two are OK, though Gazza does let the side down a bit. Relatively bargain-like.'

Nick RobertsRichard Eddy

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