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Amstrad Action

Grand Prix Rally II
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Grand Prix Rally II

Ten testing stages await the potential rally-driver in a reasonable version of the old arcade classic Pole Position. There are six different types of weather conditions you have to drive in with each one presenting its own particular problems that may stop you completing a stage within the time limit.

Your screen view is of the back of your car as it heads along the curving road encountering other uniform cars as it goes. Acceleration is automatic, leaving you free to control left-right movement and the brake. At full speed you approach the other cars very fast, but unless you meet them on a corner they are easy to pass. Every car you pass gives you more time to complete the stage while crashing takes a large chunk off your allowed time.

There are two ways to crash, either into another car or into the sea which skirts the road on some stages. The stages include sunny weather, bridge, sea shore, night, snow and desert sections with the night and snow sections being extremely difficult. At night you can only see the tail-lights of cars in front, making it easy to crash while on the snow you slide further than usual when you move.

You can change the nature of any of the stages with an editing function that allows you to change the length, direction and angle of any bend on the track to produce easier or harder courses that can be saved to tape. At the end of each stage you are given a score which is dependent on your speed through it and your time remaining.

Good News

P. Good perspective and reasonable graphics.
P. Some tough stages which call for plenty of practice.
P. Different conditions are good.
P. Handy editing function.

Bad News

N. No control over acceleration.
N. Other cars can pass through each other.
N. Hard to tell when you will and won't hit other cars.