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Home Computing Weekly

Grand Prix Manager
By Silicon Joy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This is more a simulation than a game. Essentially Basic, with some machine code to drive the graphics, you approach a sponsor for money, buy a driver - the more skillful, the more he costs! - hire mechanics, purchase or refurbish your car, invest in research and development, then go to the race!

Before you get there, you set up the car's aerofoil angle and choose the correct type of tyres according to the prevailing conditions. You may then choose to see race highlights, including straight racing, pit stops, and news. If you got the combination right, you'll win, and your team will start to feature in the championship table, your sponsor will be likely to grant you more money, and you'll be able to invest it for the next race. Lose, and eventually, you'll go bust!

Most of the game is menu-driver, with tables to choose various factors. The presentation is attractive. By comparison with arcade games the graphics are crude, amusing even. I found the challenge of balancing the various factors irresistable. A bit pricey.


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