Grand Larceny
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #44

Grand Larceny

There I was, stuck on the fire escape outside one of the world's most exclusive hotels wondering just how to sneak in through the open window and steal the secret plans.

Frustrating but fun! That's Grand Larceny, the latest in a under-rated scrolling joystick-controlled graphic adventures from Melbourne House.

You take on the role of a Government agent sent after a bunch of thieves who stole the plans to a top secret super computer.

Grand Larceny

You have tracked them down to their hide-out in a posh hotel and have until midnight to get the plans and make good your escape.

The screen is split into a graphic "window" which shows your spy and his immediate surroundsing. Below is the text area which gives a written description of where your character finds himself and any other interesting information.

The hotel has many floors - and a good few surprises. You must use the joystick - or keyboard - to move your character around the graphic screen and, as in all good adventures, you have to input text commands.

You can issue text commands to your spy, to search, examine or get various objects for example.

The unique combination of scrolling graphics and Adventure makes Grand Larceny an intriguing and challenging game. Check it out - before the thieves check out of the hotel and get away with those plans!