Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
By Audiogenic
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #47

Graham Gooch's Test Cricket

Thwack... and another blow is dealt to the Australians by England in Graham Gooch's Test Cricket. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but all things are possible. The game has two modes - arcade and simulation.

First the simulation. Sit back and do nothing. The game unfolds before you, just like a real test match. The action mainly takes place in the wicket area and switches to the outfields when the ball is hit that far.

Scorecards and bowling figures are displayed at the end of each over.

The graphics are lifelike and pleasing and the action is quite absorbing - for a while. You soon find yourself itching to take part and get involved with the action. It's time to switch to the arcade mode.

In this mode, you have control of the batsman when his team is in and the bowler when his team is fielding.

When batting, the joystick fire button is used to control the stroke. Fail to press the button and the batsman will do nothing. Time the stroke well and you'll score, if lucky, a six. A badly timed stroke could end with you being bowled or caught. When bowling, moving the joystick left or right will result in an offside or legside attack. Pressing the button confirms the choice.

The game also allows you to decide to play a one day match with limited overs - 40, 55 or 60 - or a test match of two innings and unlimited overs.

The teams can also be chosen from a squad of 20 players. A one or two player option is also available.

With joystick control limited to just the bowler or batsman, it makes the game sound a little slow and boring. But that's not true. After a short while you find yourself absorbed in the game - just like the real thing, in fact.

In the C&VG office test, England beat Australia by one wicket to loud cheers.