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Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
By Audiogenic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #11

Graham Gooch's Test Cricket

This review is being written just after En-gland managed to get all out for 102 in the second test against India. If things are still that bad (or worse) then this game will come as a great relief to anyone who's convinced they can pick a better team and play better. Initially the game is set up for play between England and Australia, but more even contests like England versus Japan or Greenland can be arranged.

There are two squads of 20 players who can be altered to any you choose and saved for later use. The batting and bowl-ing average as well as bowling speed is entered for each man and will be reflected by his performance in a match. There are four types of match that can be played, three one day games over 40, 55 or 60 overs, and a full test match. These can be played by one or two players, and in 'simulation' or 'arcade' modes.

Having made all those choices, picked your eleven players, allocated a skill level in arcade mode, picked a wicket-keeper and slip fielder, and tossed the coin for who bats first - you can get on with the game itself. The nature of the game depends very much on whether you pick arcade or simulation mode.

The screen views are exactly the same in either mode: the bowler coming up from the bottom of the screen to bowl at the batsman at the top, and outfield screens appearing whenever the ball is hit on the offside or legside. In simulation mode you merely decide whether the batsman plays aggressively, normally or defensively, and whether you have an off or leg side attack when bowling.

Arcade mode has a lot more action with you having to time each batting stroke and waggle the joystick for bowling to get the bowler to give maximum effort. These two modes should suit most players because you can either just sit and watch the effect of your choices or really get involved in the thick of things.

The animation for the main and outfield screens is good, but you can't actually do anything on the outfield ones. The number of options means you can tailor the game to suit yourself and provide a challenging game at whatever your skill level. Cricket fans should love it but others may find the lack of variety in the gameplay rather boring. That's cricket for you.

Second Opinion

Not much here in the way of gameplay. but the graphics are really very nice. Don't bother with the arcade option - just sit back and watch. Very relaxing.

Good News

P. Choose your own teams.
P. Simulation and arcade modes available.
P. Plenty of options to suit the player.
P. Nice graphics for the playing screens.

Bad News

N. Gameplay is very repetitive with little skill involved.
N. Probably only of interest to cricket fans.

Green Screen View

Looks fine - but then it would, wouldn't it?

Bob Wade

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