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Computer Gamer

Gogo The Ghost
By Firebird
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #22

Gogo The Ghost

150 screens lie between Gogo the ghost and his beloved dream princess. The only trouble is that they're packed with killer beams, deadly nasties and fatal objects and guess who's got to guide him through them all?

The object of each screen is simply to survive long enough to reach the exit to the next one. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy since the slightest touch of a nasty or graze of an object will lose one of your three lives (although I'm not sure how ghosts can have lives!).

All is not lost though as Gogo has more than a ghost of a chance in completing his quest since scattered throughout the rooms are flashing objects that can give you bonus points, more energy, more time and even an extra life. Add to that an ability to turn invisible for a few crucial seconds (when you're invincible) and a password system to leapfrog levels you've already conquered and the game might yet be beaten.

The graphics are crude, sound non-existent and the gameplay is unoriginal so why is it so addictive? At a budget price it's worth finding out.