Sinclair User

Go To Hell

Author: Chris Bourne
Publisher: Triple Six
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #41

Go To Hell

BAD TASTE carried to extremes is the concept of the first release from Triple Six, an ominous name if ever there was one.

Hell is a 50 screen maze, garish and full of cute little animated scenes of torture. Heads explode in gouts of red as spikes crush them. Bodies are stretched on racks, decaying faces are sawn into pieces.

The walls are composed of the bodies of the damned, or fiery pits, and the whole vile picture is set against a background of sound which can best be described as a sinister squelching, like somebody walking in squeaky shoes over pieces of raw liver.

Go To Hell

The game is difficult and addictive, but there are no great ideas and programming involved. Spiders pursue you with webs, and other nasties hurl missiles at you.

The quest involves finding seven giant crucifixes culminating in a friendly chat with Beelzebub. For all their horror, the graphics are very much based on the UDG format, with a certain amount of flicker.

Buy it for the sicko humour rather than the game, and you'll not be disappointed.

Chris Bourne

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