ZX Computing

Go For Gold

Published in ZX Computing #19

Go For Gold

British Telecom leaves the realms of budget software with the launch of their "Gold Edition" range of programs. These sell at the more normal price of £5.95 for the graphically excellent Buggy Blast and the top priced and challenging Gyron at £9.95.

Gyron is a 3D maze game which requires both strategy and arcade reactions to succeed. Two programs are supplied on the cassette, a beginners game and the "real" game. With each copy of the game there is a free entry form to allow you to take part in their competition, each entrant who sends the correct solution will gain a place in a tournament to find the overall winner. And what does the winner get? Nothing less than a Porsche 924 (One owners, ex-software house programmer - not really, only joking) or its cash equivalent.

Can't be bad!