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Glider Pilot
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #109

Many of today's aircraft simulators are so complex that amidst the controls and gadgets the aim of the program is completely forgotten and the outside weather conditions become irrelevant. This is not true with Glider Pilot because, as you may know, gliders have few controls and rely on thermals to gain height.

The game comes with a fairly comprehensive manual which explains quite well how to fly Glider Pilot. Having said this, I must admit that I have not yet got round the course without crashing.

If you feel that you cannot land the glider on your own then you can leave the computer to do this. As long as there is an airfield near-by it will land the glider safely. It's a pity that the computer cannot fly it as well, just to give a full demonstration of how to play.

Glider Pilot

The graphics are well implemented. Areas on the ground arc just line drawings but the clouds are solid and move in relation to each other. When you bank to one side the whole display through your window will twist around. The effect given is really very good.

There are three different maps available. One large and two small scale. The small scale is used for determining when you cross the starting point if you have a held line start.

The game offers you much control over the weather conditions and simulation speeds, It was designed and written by a fully qualified glider pilot and seems to be very realistic.


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