Big K

Gisburne's Castle
By Martech

Published in Big K #10

Gisburne's Castle

'Twas with more than a little frustration that I emptied the contents of my quiver into the pudgy posterior of a passing churl. "What the fudge am I supposed to be doing?" I cried. I know that I'm meant to be rescuing the comely Marian from the dodgy dungeons of the ghastly Guy o' Gisburne (that goes without saying), but how in hootin' heck?

I've scuffed my little Lincoln green booties something rotten trudging from one field to another, all to no avail. Indeed, apart from an odd felon the game seems devoid of any sentient life.

I can't even find the castle! Now either I've lost more than a few brain cells overnight or this program's design sucks! Naturally I suspect te latter. Stoutly claiming to be an arcade adventure, the game seemingly fails on both counts. There's far too little happening to warrant any claim to honest arcadia and as an adventure it's a complete non-starter. Marian, if you're listening, don't hold your breath waiting, OK? I think you may be in for the duration...