Gilbert: Escape From Drill

Publisher: Enigma Variations
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #51

Gilbert: Escape From Drill

As a 'megastar' Gilbert has been offered a new TV series back on earth. But, fed up with his continuous boasting, his fellow Drillians have stolen and hidden vital parts of his spaceship, the Millenium Dustbin.

Controlling Gilbert, you traverse the many pathways and buildings scattered around Drill, avoiding such hazards as frogs, Galaxians, WWII biplanes and other such 'horrors', or putting your high-powered nostrils into action and snotting them!

You have 24 hours in which to find all the missing pieces of the Dustbin. Otherwise, ITV will terminate your contract, delving you once again into the depths of obscurity. And we can't let that happen now, can we?


Gilbert: Escape From Drill

I've never been one for Gilbert on the telly, and this game only reinforces my anti-feelings toward him. Flip-screen scrolling, mindless enemies, and generally poor presentation don't impress me.

The only thing I liked was the fact that you can actually play the arcade machines found in the Drillian pubs. Personally I'd rather just get drunk, which I think most people would do after playing Escape From Drill for any length of time!


Oh dear was my first thought. "What on Drill has happened to Gilbert?" was my second. Not only do we see his snotty legs for the first time in the game but we now see him in the swim - Gilbert swimming? Come off it!

Gilbert: Escape From Drill

Gilbert doesn't get off to a good start with a dodgy but green sprite wandering around a repetitively similar maze city. The very simple sub-games are fun for the first few minutes with the Snot fight being about the best (although this doesn't say much for the others).

One for avid mappers but not one for seekers of startlingly original gameplay.


Presentation 38%
An overall tacky appearance.

Gilbert: Escape From Drill

Graphics 37%
Sloppy sprites and flip-screen scrolling.

Sound 31%
Simple spot effects.

Hookability 46%
The only fun is playing the arcade machines.

Lastability 35%
Lacks content and won't keep you playing very long.

Overall 40%
It plays as badly as it looks.