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Gift From The Gods
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19

Gift From The Gods

Ocean have delved into the depths of Greek legend and come up with an adventure game to play on your ancient Spectrum.

The game is based upon the life of Orestes. For those lesser mortals who are reading this page and do not know who this person was, I shall explain. Orestes had a mother, Clytemnestra, a father, Agamemnon and a Sister, Electra. Clytemnestra, in order to rule over Mycenae, evilly kills her husband and banishes her two children from the land. Electra is hidden in the catacombs below the palace, where Clytemnestra lives with her new husband Aegisthus, and Orestes, the Hero of the game, with the help of the gods must try and regain the kingdom from his mother.

You are Orestes and control your figure on screen with a joystick (virtually any) or keyboard. It is better to use a joystick as the game has an intelligent joystick facility, leaving out the need for complex combinations of keys.

In order to reclaim Mycenae, Orestes must travel around this labyrinth and collect sixteen Euclidian shapes (geometric designs) and place them in the correct order around the chamber to find the exit and end of the game. Orestes has been given a sword and seven tears, which act as markers, to help him find his goal. Electra can also help in finding the shapes; she appears as an apparition and will lead you to the correct place. Scattered around are terrifying objects, placed by the Demi-gods, which will zap your strength and eventually send you to the underworld.

I enjoyed playing this game very much. The graphics are excellent, with smooth animtion and although I seemed to be running around the maze doing nothing for quite some time, Gift From The Gods is totally absorbing, interesting and fun.