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By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

Ghouls is very much in the Killer Gorilla mould where a superbly animated little man is guided around a series of screens. The intention is to rescue power jewels from the horrid ghosts that stole them.

Each screen represents a floor of the house that is inhabited by the ghosts. The voyager will encounter cracked and contracting floor boards as well as the delightful moving platforms, springs and deadly spikes. Of course there is the mandatory nasty spider (making a detour from the multitude of adventures he appears in) that is sick of eating flies and wants you.

To help the unsuspecting traveller there are various power jewels scattered around. Eating these gives an advantage over the meanies in that the ghosts temporarily disappear!

In playing this game I have managed to get to the third level (not very good I hear you say). Each level of the house has its own name. The first is the Spectres' Lair and with some practice this becomes routine. The second floor is the Horrid Hall. This level announces the first appearance of the dreadful retracting walkway. The third level is the Spider's Parlour where the evil arachnid makes an appearance. As yet I have not reached him so I cannot comment on what depravity he will get up to. Knowing Micro Power it won't be pleasant.

How many more levels there are I do not know, but I'm going to keep on with this game long after I've finished writing the review.

Dave Reeder

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