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Geoff Capes Strongman
By Martech
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #23

Oh no, I thought, my TAC2 'indestructable' joystick had just snapped whilst playing Supertest, and I couldn't afford to get another to test a similar game.

Well, there is an interesting option in this game. The infamous left/right action only has to be done at the start of the game to set the overall strength which is split between each muscle, thereafter it becomes a matter of strategy in assigning the amount of power and effort each muscle puts into each task.

Fortunately for me, the 'training session' of building up your strength can be bypassed and a random amount of strength is allocated. The tasks are Truck Pull, Log Chop, Barrel Loading, Car Roll, Fairground Bell, Sumo Wrestling.

During each event some action, timing the pressing of the fire button etc, is required and I was not going to get out of the L/R action that easily, for Barrel Loading and Fairground Bell we were back to it and the keyboard had to suffer for the sake of this review.

Martech have tried to do something a bit different and have succeeded on the whole, the graphics are not as detailed as in some varieties of this game, but the slightly more varied gameplay and extra thought required make up for it. Worth your consideration.

Clive Smith

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