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Gazza 2
By Empire
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #108

Gazza 2

And it's Gazza all the way at he runs down the wing - nothing can stop him now... but what's this? He's noticed an old age pensioner in the crowd who's fallen over and.... he's gone! Gazza's started to blub - the tears are rolling down his cheeks, and this scoring chance is lost as he sticks his head in a bucket and howls out for a Kleenex...

Well, football games come and go but it would seem that Gazza is here to stay. And after all he did win the world cup for us - didn't he?

Well he's definitely a winner now, what with all the T.V. appearances, his appearance on our cover and his name being splashed all over Empire's latest release, Gazza II, which is quite a winner in itself.

You control a team of 11 players, with control switching to whichever player you have closest to the ball with play running horizontally across the screen - a useful device that means being able to see just that little bit further ahead.

The speed of Gazza is remarkable - Tottenham Hotspur fans will find nothing remarkable about this, and computer games fans will know that the speed is mainly due to using 'half sprites' for the opposition team. This not only makes them unmistakable from your own players, but also lets the computer move them around smoothly and quickly.

Each time one of your players picks up the ball, it sticks to his feet until one of the opposition players tackles him, or he kicks it on - the power of the kick being determined by the 'bootometer'.

Each game has options for either one or two players but the most (and possibly only) annoying thing about the whole game is the fact that when in two player mode, only one player can use the joystick - possibly a useful device for anyone wanting to play home and away matches, but a severe kick in the goalies for most joystick junkies.

Label: Empire Price: £10.99 48K Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Overall Summary

A superlative footy game that's vastly superior to Gazza's Soccer. Eta bloody great mahn ef yu lake phootball.

Garth Sumpter

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