A&B Computing


Author: Giuseppe de Benedictus
Publisher: Micro Power
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.05

The Electron is known as the BBC's baby brother. One of the differences that is often mentioned is the lack of sideways scrolling capabilities. Whilst the BBC has this in hardware, the poor old Electron has no such design. Well, I've got news for you doubting Thomases! Micro Power has come up trumps again with a game incorporating this feature implemented in software!

Gauntlet is a game set in the wastelands of a desolate landscape where the hostile Reegs (Who?) are after you. In this Planetoid-lookalike, Landers follow the outline of the landscape and try to pick up cannisters which lurk beneath the planet surface. These are what you must protect. If a lander should grab a cannister and manage to carry it to the top of the screen then beware 'coz that's when the dreaded mutant comes on the scene. However, if you manage to shoot the alien before it reaches the top, be quick and catch the cannister (Extra points!). There are several other types of baddie... too numerous to mention here. Let it be said that there is enough variation for even the most avid arcade freak.

I enjoyed this game. My speed of reaction was hopeless, but not so bad that it clouded my appreciation of the wonderful, wonderful smooth scrolling. The author has included several other very worthwhile features, such as backwards movement, hyperspace and bombs. Whilst the landscape was a bit sparse, being made up of a simple jagged line, the inventiveness of the designer with the aliens was superb!

Well done, Micro Power, you've done it again!

Giuseppe de Benedictus