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Home Computing Weekly

Garden Birds
By Hilton Computer Services
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #12

Was that *really* an Egyptian vulture in the back garden? This is the program to tell you... but slowly. The idea is for you to answer the program's questions, and the program will identify the bird.

It works well, but there are snags. It takes more than seven minutes to load the program to the point where questions start, at least five minutes for you to answer the questions, and, because the program is largely in Basic, about two minutes to sort out the answer.

After all that time, the bird has no doubt flown!

The screen display is, like the packaging, amateurish.

This really is a program in search of a purpose. A good book is cheaper, faster and has pictures; As a result of the way the program is written, it cannot be used as a bird database either. Overall, disappointing in view of the amount of hard work that obviously went in to it.


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