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Home Computing Weekly

Games Pack 3
By Gem
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #7

Two games on this tape, Reversi and Pontoon, although you wouldn't know it from the cassette insert.

The instructions supplied on screen are comprehensive but tend to be confusing. Excellent title screens, however.

Reversi (or Orthello) is in text mode and uses X and 0 to represent pieces. It is a board type game and involves capturing opponents' pieces by sandwiching them between two of yours. Play is between you and the computer.

Written in BASIC it is slow, even at the easiest of the five levels, and the use of a? which appears to check out all possible moves, tends to make this game boring. It does play reasonably well, though.

Pontoon uses colour sound and graphics and is an excellent computer version of the card game. The computer acts as banker, and one or two people can play. Again written in BASIC, but fast enough to be enjoyable.

With this type of game you really need a full set of rules and instructions to be printed on the cassette insert for reference.

They are complex enough to tax even the best of memories!

Both games loaded first time and I did not discover any bugs - well error-trapped, too.