ZX Computing

Games For Your ZX Spectrum
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #10

Games For Your ZX Spectrum

This is without doubt a full and lively book. Crammed into its 125 pages, there is a section on how to write better programs, a bibliography, a glossary of computer-associated terms and as the title suggests, and by far the biggest section, a collection of 23 good quality games.

As the author, Peter Shaw, points out, he has not included any simplistic space-wasting games. Those that he has included span a good range of game types - 'Ascot', 'Pontoon', 'Draughts', 'Dam Busters' and 'Hangman' are typical. Few of the games are too good to be improved upon and perhaps the scope that this leaves adds more to the book's value. All programs are written in Basic, in a style which is simple to follow and will by example teach good technique. Equally easy to follow are the listings which, while being dumped to print to ensure correctness, are clearly printed.

Unfortunately, the other sections are of little value and serve only as padding to what is a good collection of software.

Games For Your ZX Spectrum is written by Peter Shaw, published by Virgin and is excellent value at £2.95. ISBN 0 907080 847

Patrick Cain