Amstrad Action

Game, Set And Match II

Published in Amstrad Action #41

Game, Set And Match II

Eight sporting games get squeezed into the same box in the second set of sporting games from Ocean. (The first set was called - that's right - Game, Set and Match). They are: Championship Sprint (AA 32, 66%), Track And Field, Steve Davis Snooker (AA 1, 68%), Super Hang On (AA 29, 68%), Matchday II (AA 28, 86%), Ian Botham's Test Match, Nick Faldo Plays The Open (AA 9, 65%) and Basket Master (AA 29, 65%).

The most impressive thing about this compilation is the lack of Leaderboard. Nearly every compilation to come out with some vague sporting connection has Leaderboard on it, and so that makes this rather unusual. Other than that it's a decidedly average compilation.


Overall 83%
Matchday II is the best of an average bunch.

Gary Barrett