Author: Robin Candy
Publisher: Bulldog
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #43


Intent upon destroying the peace of the beautiful planet Galletron, the warlike Awls have developed an advanced communications system. It could help them win - but it's also their weak link. It must be destroyed.

With your skimmer you can take out communication links on the surface of planets. But there are sentries on each planet - their contact is lethal and destroys one of the skimmer's three lives.

To defend itself and destroy sentries, the craft has two blasters: one destroys all metallic structures, the other disrupts enemy weaponry. But the blasters drain the skimmer's limited fuel supplies, which must be replenished from fuel cells on the planet's surface.


When all the communication stations on a planet have been destroyed, the skimmer is automatically teleported to the next world. After visiting the last planet, you reach Galletron itself and the central Power House. When this complex has been dealt with, your mission is complete.


Control keys: definable
Joysticks: Sinclair, Cursor
Use of colour: monochromatic
Graphics: small and plain
Sound: limited spot EX and a boring title tune
Skill levels: three


'Galletron is very easy to get into - because there's so little to do. The graphics are small and crude, and the animation is simplistic. Details are poor, too: the collision-detection varies from screen to screen, and the opening tune is awful.'


'Galletron is described as 'challenging and addictive', but it bored me within half an hour. The graphics are awful, small and crudely-drawn, and there's a nasty glitch when your craft is destroyed. Control is fiddly and frustrating. Galletron is alight for a couple of games, but I doubt its lastability.'


'After ploughing through the inspired inlay, I wasn't expecting such rubbish as this, with its boring colours and unimaginative graphics. And the gameplay is much too easy to offer any real challenge.'

Robin CandyPaul SumnerMark Rothwell

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