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Galaxy Attack
By Sunshine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #20

Galaxy Attack


GALAXY ATTACK is possibly the slowest machine code space-arcade game for the 48K Spectrum.

The graphics used look as if they were prepared for the readers programs section of a computer magazine and there seems to be no professional sheen to the game at all.

You must take your ship through the depths of space, destroying as many alien ships as possible on your way, before you crash-land on a far-off planet.

The object of your quest, once you have crashed, is to repair your spaceship before the deadly walkers destroy you.

If you reach the third part of the game, which we very much doubt you will, you will find yourself fighting the mothership.

We doubt that you will get further than the second level, as the first will sap all your key-pushing strength. The displays used are colourful but flat and lifeless.

Galaxy Attack is a game for those who are willing to spend hours wading through instructions displayed on the computer screen.

It can be obtained from Sunshine Books, Hobhouse Court, 19 Whitcomb Street, London WC2 7HF. It costs £5.95.

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