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Home Computing Weekly

Galactic Patrol
By Warlock
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Just when you thought it was safe to run to your space craft, the alien fleet appears and proceeds to run amok, killing the poor spacemen by the dozen.

Thus starts this game which is more like five games in one. The second screen involves defending a transporter and the third requires docking skills. The fourth involves running the gauntlet of friendly defence systems, and finally you need to dock and let the colonists disembark from your ship.

There are five levels of difficulty to the game, meaning that you have to go round the game five times before you have seen it all.

The graphics are good with plenty of colour and interest, although it would have been nice to have different alien shapes. The problem is that the movement routines show more flicker than one might expect and this makes the game harder to play.

Unfortunately this game doesn't have that addictive quality that we all look for. I can happily walk away from it without a moment's hesitation and that is not what I expect from a top flight game today.


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