The Micro User

Galactic Firebird
By Kansas City Systems
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 1.09

It's fun, whatever it is...

I don't really know what this game is supposed to be doing, but I do know that it's fun!

I don't know what's happening because the instructions don't actually tell you what the game is about. All you get by way of a hint is the name. Galactic Firebird, and the loading instructions.

Being an inquisitive soul, I fed it into my micro and tried to figure out what was happening.

Galactic Firebird

The first thing I noticed was a laser base. Now, where there's a laser base at the bottom of the screen it's a fairly safe bet that there'll soon be hordes of nasty aliens coming at you. And so it turned out.

And, of course, having a laser base it's a safe bet that you've got to zap them.

I don't know what exactly it was I was zapping, but they fell into three main types.

Galactic Firebird

The first began life as a shower of purple dots which turned into multi coloured "snowflakes". These join together to form colourful, rapidly rotating circles and are fairly easy to shoot.

Easy, that is, if you can avoid the "blue meanies" which hover around taking potshots at your base. These can be quite a nuisance as they dodge laser bolts and it takes five shots to destroy them.

This is not forgetting the green bombs which explode on hitting the bottom of the screen and can destroy your base from a distance. At least I think that's what they do. Certainly there's nothing to tell me any different.

Still, the game controls are well explained and it is colourful and noisy enough to satisfy any action game freak. I certainly enjoyed it.

I just wish I knew what it was I was supposed to be enjoying.

Pete Davidson

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