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Galactic Conqueror
By Titus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #41

Galactic Conqueror

Gallion is an organisation dedicated to the protection of mankind. It's situated in a remote corner of the galaxy from where it scans for hostile invaders. Alien invaders have been detected and so you've been sent to intercept in the space craft Thunder Cloud II. Good luck, and don't forget to wrap up warm and ring your mum at weekends.

There are basically two screens to the game: a galactic map and the shoot-'em-up section. With the map, you have a crosshair that's moved under joystick control and pressing fire sends you to the planet under the crosshair. The shoot-'em-up section is viewed from the rear of the ship with aliens coming towards you in 3D. Across the bottom of the screen is your score and there's also an indicator for your shields.

In the main part of the game you just fly around blasting everything in sight, or at least getting out of its way. The action takes place in three places, low, high and space. At low altitude your ship stays upright and tilts left or right, depending on how you move it. With the high altitude and space sequences you can roll your ship, but the screen turns rather than your ship.

The graphics are fast and colourful, although there's little animation. Sound effects are good even if they are limited to tiring sounds and explosions.

This would make a great little budget game, but at full price it's wide open to the criticism that it's just another 3D shoot-'em-up with pretty graphics. Titus seem to be able to produce games with good graphics, but perhaps have more trouble with gameplay.

Second Opinion

I did enjoy this, and nothing Gary says is going to change my mind. Still, he's right about the gameplay, and the suspicion is definitely there that this one won't run and run.

The Screen In Green

Loses the prettiness, but OK to play.

The Verdict

Graphics 87% P. Fast moving and colourful. N. Galactic map could be clearer.

Sonics 31% P. Effects are done well there just aren't enough of them.

Grab Factor 73% P. Plenty to blast. P. Some tactical thought needed to win.

Staying Power 68% P. Big galaxy with plenty of things to kill... N. But that's all that you do.

Overall 73% Not a bad game at all.

Gary Barrett

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