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Amstrad Action

G. I. Hero
By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #41

G. I. Hero

Some vital NATO peace documents have been stolen. The documents are in a politically sensitive country and they must be retrieved quickly. Only a "Government Issue" (GI) hero can save the day, and the world for that matter. Unfortunately you, only have a trained dog called Killer for company and if things go badly the government will deny all knowledge of your existence. Nice to know you've got back-up, isn't it? As you approach the landing zone, something goes wrong with the plane and you're forced to jump and get separated from Killer.

The screen consists of a flick screen playing area across the bottom with the res: of the screen being taken up with a status panel. In the panel there are two bars: one represents your health and the other is battery power. A row of magazines sit at the top of the screen (ammunition not AA) with a row of bullets below them. Time and score are also shown.

Your first mission is to find Killer and then start worrying about the documents. The jungles are occupied with enemy troops who must be shot. You can shoot them from either a crouched or upright position - in the former, their bullets will pass over your head if they're standing.

G. I. Hero

Rather than just being a straight kill-'em game there's also a little strategy involved, and there's a set of pull down menus to help with this. The menus are needed to change ammunition, decode messages, switch on torches, cut through fences and set or detonate mines.

Graphically, it's very similar to Dark Sceptre with large sprites ambling around, although there's little colour. Sound effects are negligible.


Graphics 61%
P. Large and well animated sprites.
N. Lacking in colour.

Sonics 19%
P. Clickety click.

Grab Factor 64%
P. A mapper's game.
N. Just wandering around is boring.

Staying Power 55%
N. Many locations, all looking the same
N. Not enough to keep you enthralled.

Overall 59%

Gary Barrett

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