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Future Knight
By Gremlin
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #23

Future Knight

As Rustbucket crashed on planet 2479 of the Zzrag system + STOP + Require assistance + STOP + Princess Amelia captured + STOP + Come quickly + STOP.

Having received this distressing message, Randolph the future knight immediately donned his armour, and set forth to rescue his beloved. After accessing the Encyclopedia Galactica reference on 2479, he discovers that it is a forest covered planet ruled by an evil, sex-starved despot called Spegbott, who lives in a huge castle. With this scant information, Randolph begins his quest...

Finding the wrecked hulk of the SS Rustbucket, Randolph enters - to find a hive of platforms and ladders. His problems begin as soon as he moves - the ship's 'Bezerka' security droids have been sent haywire by the impact the brave knight on sight. Contact with a droid, or the missiles spewed forth, depletes Randolph's energy - and, if it reaches zero, one of Randolph's three suits of armour is destroyed.

The hero is initially armed with a laser, which can be used to destroy the guards. However, it usually takes more than one shot to destroy a droid, so more powerful weapons have to be picked up along the way. Keys and spells are also to be found - some are essential to the mission. There are four spells which can be used at any time to disorientate or destroy the denizens, and nine spells which have to be picked up and used in the correct places if Randolph is to complete the rescue mission.

The SS Rustbucket is huge, and the only way that Randolph can escape is by finding the exit pass, which is used to create an exit to the outside world. Randolph is then transported to the treacherous ghoul-filled forest, where he has to collect the correct spells to give him access to Spegbott's castle - the princess' prison. To rescue her, Randolph has to be carrying two spells - one to destroy the huge robot guardian, and the other to free Amelia from the mystic chains which hold her. But will his true love prevail...?


This is very derivative of Ghosts And Goblins in both its plot and gameplay, although it is more of an arcade adventure than an arcade game, it's moderately addictive, mildly exciting and pleasant enough to play - it's a shame that there isn't more action.

As it stands, the whole game plods along at a leisurely pace, and fails to be really stimulating. The graphics and presentation are very polished and slick, the sound is also pleasant... In fact, overall Future Knight is a very *nice* game. It's a shame it lacks any real action.


Future Knight is a highly polished program, with attractive graphics and sound. There are plenty of locations to explore, but the pace is a little too slow for my liking and there isn't enough absorbing action to compensate.

Jumping from platform to platform, occasinally shooting robots and aliens proves tedious in a lengthy sitting - but it's the only way it can be completed. Pity about the lack of pace really, as otherwise this is a well above average game.


Graphically, Future Knight is well executed, with some nicely animated characters and lovely surroundings - although the hero does seem to be a little on the porky side.

The first thing that struck me was the haunting melody, which generates an eerie atmosphere. The playability is good, although you are more often than not inundated with hostile adversaries that are difficult to avoid, especially when climbing the ladders.

All in all though, Future Knight offers enough playability to make it stand out from a lot of the software we've seen lately.


Presentation 75%
Pleasant title screen - no options, but a few useful features.

Graphics 86%
Superb backdrops and neat sprites.

Sound 69%
A twee medieval title tune, and reasonable spot effects.

Hookability 74%
Instantly playable, and absorbing for a while.

Lastability 67%
Difficult, but doesn't contain contain a great deal of variety.

Value For Money 64%
Lots to see for your money, but not enough to do...

Overall 69%
A run-of-the-mill arcade adventure - in traditional 'save the maiden' style.